Fighting Pits of Borg'Dhol

Story so far

A nobel fighter and a halfling rouge travel together with Jeremey, the Poopus Shroom farmer. Jeremy pays these two adventurers for the protection of the travelling village they journey with and to often help out Jeremy if he needs to explore a cave or somewhere dangerous.
Recently, while Jemeremy was out for a few weeks collecting Poopus Shrooms in a nearby swamp some guards from the nearby City of Valen came to Jemermys travelling village of Hamley.
The City of Valen was recently taken over by the new empire who respect all nobels and want to oust the peasents from the city. It was clear these guards were part of this new empire. They came with a prisoner who seemed half mad, he was schackled in a cage. The guards wanted the two adventurers to help them find out the source of his madness, they could not control him in the prisons.
The two adventurers agreed and made their way to the city to buy a horse, after a small goblin ambush and a few run ins with greedy peasents they purchaed a horse with the promise of a hefty sum of gold when they return.
The first logical location was to travel to the wizards tower not too far from the village to see if he knew anything about the madness of the prisoner (Malrond). The adventurers found blueprints of a potion that contained Poopus Shrooms. At the top of the tower the fighter decided to drink one of these potions, without knowing the effects.
A wizard tried hiding from these adventurers but shortly released they could be of help to him when he discovered that they knew about the Poopus Shrooms. The wizard explained that he was one of Jeremeys clients, he made these potions with the shrooms and he revealed the effects of these potions was memory loss. Something that Malrond had clearly experiened. The wizard also explained that he was not volentarily making these potions but was forced to by a nearby dwarf family who spend their time in a nearby mine, the dwarfs threatened the wizards life if he did not make these potions so he wanted to adventurers to go sort them out with the promis that he would cure the effects of the memory loss potions the fighter had drank (what a dummy).
Without knowing why the dwarfs would want a large supply of memory loss potions they set off towards the mind. One their way their arrived back at the village to find disater had struck. One of the familys daughters had been killed by a big beast that appeeared earlier and Malrond had been taken. The adventurers followed the trakcs of the beast to the dwarven mine.
Outside the mine was a little prick deep gnome who tried to extort and posion our adventurers and kicked one in the balls. He was quicklys killed. The adventurers were then ready to enter the mines.


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